Polycrystalline Solar Panels


Polycrystalline 12V Solar Panels (SPP20, SPP40, SPP60)

These panels are ideal for charging large batteries and extending battery run time, suiting leisure vehicles and travelling.  

Polycrystalline 12V Solar Panels (SPP80, SPP120, SPP135)

Made for permanent mounting ideal for caravans, motor homes, house boats, remote holiday shacks and farming
🅘applications where power is required to charge battery banks servicing multiple or larger appliances.


Polycrystalline 12V Solar Panel Kits (SPP40K, SPP60K)

Complete powerful Solar Panel Kits that are ready for use straight out of the bag. Compact and light weight they
are ideal for maintaining and charging batteries used to power small to medium appliances such as camp lights
and accessories.


Polycrystalline 12V Solar Panel Kits (SPP80K, SPP120K)

Designed for use on caravans, motor homes, remote pumps etc as well as shacks and holiday homes where power is
𒀰required to charge batteries servicing larger or multiple appliances. The kits are ready for use straight out of the bag.

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